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ALV/ DLS / SLS-5000F Goniometer with Fiber-Optical Detection System (CGS-5000)
Facilities of Polymer and Colloid Laboratory






The ALV-Goniometer System to perform State of the Art Dynamic and Static Light Scattering Experiments using a Fiber Optic Detection System over an angular range of  17° ... 155°. Of course, it allows simultaeous determination of both, Static Light Scattering and Dynamic Light Scattering data, with not compromizing one over the other.

In fact, this means that you can perform measurements with less than 1% deviation from the sin(theta) law of scattering intensity versus scattering angle from 14° ... 155° (toluene as standard) and still have the correlation function measurements taken at optimum signal/noise ratio. All this does not even require a high power Ar-Ion laser, but 100 mW ... 200 mW laser power is sufficient in almost all experimental situations.

With all ALV-Goniometer Systems, there is a comprehensive software tool available for the alignment of the instrument, (e.g. ALV-WinAlignment Software) which makes the adjustment of the ALV-Goniometer System a pleasure rather than a pain. Of course, these software tools run with MS-WINDOWS 3.11 or MS-WINDOWS 95.

Extended Range Temperatur Cell Housing for the
CGS-5000 Compact Goniometer System ( -35°C ... > 250°C )

For the ALV-Compact Goniometer System, a special extended temperature range cell housing is now available that allows sample temperatures from -35°C ... > 250°C to be used. Typical applications are for measurements on polymer melts.

ALV - Cuvette Rotation and Translation Unit for the
CGS-5000 Compact Goniometer System

A special dual DC-motor driven cuvette holder for measurements on non ergodic samples is now available. Both, rotation and simultaneously up/down translation of the cuvette can be performed with fully automatic control via the ALV-5000/E WINDOWS Software.

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