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    (invited Essay for a special 70th anniversary issue).
    [Full Text in PDF]

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    [Full Text in PDF]

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    [Full Text in PDF]

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    [Full Text in PDF]

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    [Full Text in PDF]

  6. Qianjing Chen, Yuan Li, Chi Wu,
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    [Full Text in PDF]

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    [Full Text in PDF]

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    [Full Text in PDF]

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    [Full Text in PDF]

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    [Full Text in PDF]

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    [Full Text in PDF]

  12. Baozhong Zhao, Wubiao Duan, Pui-Chi Lo, Lei Duan, Chi Wu, and Dennis K. P. Ng
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    Chemistry-An Asian Journal, 8, 55–59 (2013)
    [Full Text in PDF]

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